Thursday, 25 July 2013

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Change Windows Theme[AWESOME THEMES!]

Change Windows Theme in Simple Steps-

Most of people got bored of Windows Default Themes including me so I thought about changing the Windows Theme. I did found a way to change the Windows Theme.

Today, I will show you the simple steps to change Theme.
how to change windows theme

Things required-

    How to install- 

    First we have to patch our system with Ultra UxTheme Patcher.
    • Open the file you downloaded by right clicking Run as administrator.
    • Keep clicking next.
    • When It is done restart the computer.

    Now we have to install theme that you have downloaded or you can use any other.

    • Extract the file using the WinRAR software. I hope you know how to do that. (If you don't know please write in comments)
    • Open the setup. If you are running on 32-bit then open 32x or if you are running on 64-bit open 64x.( Click here if you do not know about this!)
    • Setup will check system. (It will take some time)
    • Keep clicking next and accept their terms.
    • Click Install.(Will take some time)
    • Now Reboot by selecting reboot option and clicking finish.


    1. More Themes can be found here for free!
    2. Any Problem with links, downloading, installing and uninstalling please write in comments.



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