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How to speed up my computer (Guide)

How to increase speed of your computer (Step by Step)

how to increase speed of your computer
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There are very simple things that you should keep in mind to increase your computer performance. The simple things you should keep in your mind are-
  • Make sure you have an anti-virus software.
  • Do not install games or software in local disk in which your operating system in installed.
  • Do not make too much icons on desktop.
  • Optimize and defragment your drives at regular intervals.
  • Keep at least 10 gigabyte of free space in operating system installed drive.
  • Temporary files



There are many anti-virus out there in the market but all are useless if they are not updated regularly because they will not recognize new viruses and not block them since they do not know this is a virus because new viruses are made very frequently so the anti-virus creaters have provided the facility to download updates from their official websites. In updates anti-virus download new virus definitions so that they know these files are virus and block them.
It is important to have an anti-virus but it must be updated every week to keep your computer safe and healthy.
Some recommended anti-virus software AVAST 2013

Games and Software

It is believed that sometimes if we install games and software in operating system installed drive and when we uninstall the software or games it deletes the registry of the games plus some registry of windows which causes problem. Although, it is not confirmed but it is better to install in some other drives because this prevents data loss when we reinstall the windows.

Icons on desktop

Most people make many icons on the desktop to easily access the desired program, beware of making too many icons on the desktop because it uses the hard drive space of operating system installed drive and ram also. It is better to manually open your program from the installed directory, this also helps us to prevent any data loss.
Tip-Do not make more than 10 icons on desktop. 

Disk Clean up

Disk clean up or defragment is the best way to keep your computer fast because disk defragmention deletes the old files that were not in use for a long time. Here are the steps how you can do it-
  • Go to drive properties-tools.
how to increase speed of your computer
See this
  •  Select all drives and click on optimize to defragment.

how to increase speed of my computer
Defragmention of drive
  • You are done


Hard Disk space required

I have mentioned that you should keep 10 gigabyte free space in operating system installed drive because this helps to operating system to load fast and work fluent. The windows updates are only installed in operating system installed drive so it is better to have plenty of space available for such cases.
Tip-Get a solid state drive (SSD) because it is faster than a hard drive but they are expensive and have less space when compared to hard drives. Choice is yours.

Clean Temporary Files

Temporary files are created automatically you can not do anything in that what you can do is you can clean temporary files to optimize your computer performance. Here's how you can do that-
  • Open run or press combination "windowskey+R" (without quotes).
  • Type %temp% and press enter.
  • Delete all files in that folder, skip files that cannot be deleted.
  • Then empty your recycle bin.
Tip-Do this every 2 days regularly for better results.


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