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How to Increase utorrent Download speed

How to increase speed of your torrent client

how to increase speed of your torrent client
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This trick will only work on utorrent so please download if you have not downloaded yet. The latest version can be downloaded from HERE.

Most of people suffer from downloading issue even if the torrent has many seeders. This is because their uploading speed is very less. In you torrent, uploading matters more than downloading so I am here to increase your downloading speed by increasing your uploading speed. So in this way the torrent community will be saved and we all will download at satisfied speed.
With these settings you can download the torrent even if it is having only 2 seeders and 50 leechers yeah that's right because these settings are set to improve your uploading speed so more you upload more you download.

So let us start to increase your download speed by increasing your uploading speed. Here's how you can do it. 

1. Method

If you are lazy to set the settings you can download this repack here  . 
This is the best repack of utorrent in this repack only the settings are changed nothing else so this is not reverse engineering and nothing illegal, feel safe to download
But there is one problem with this repack that sometimes the torrent are stuck on checked 0.0 while downloading. But there is solution to this problem. You can download this repack HERE.
This will solve your problem for sure but if you are not having this problem you may use the first repack because it is faster than the second.


How to install

  • Download the first repack but if you are having problem, revert to second repack.
  • Unrar using winrar software, can be downloaded from here.
  • Follow the install wizard to finish installation
  • Start the utorrent from the desktop.
  • Happy downloading

 Important READ BELOW

This is the easiest way to increase your torrent downloading speed. You don't have to do anything just download the repack because in repack there is executable of settings which get executed when you start the utorrent repack you just downloaded and installed on your PC. All settings are applied automatically and port also. The Port used is tested many times and is open to everyone.

Which increases your downloading speed of utorrent and answers to your question how to increase utorrent download speed.

Any queries leave comment or private message me.



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